Data Statistics Calculator
The applet demonstrates how histograms and various data statistics vary depending on the patterns of the underlying data. The data entry panel lets the user calculate data statistics from numeric data.


  1. Click in the blue panel to place data points. Click and drag to move a data point once it has been placed or click and hit "delete" to remove it.
  2. The top panel shows the median, with the range marked on either side, and the mean, with the standard deviation marked on either side.
  3. The middle panel shows a histogram of the data using the bins laid out with the triangular markers. Drag one of the triangular markers to change the size of the bins and see how the histogram changes.
  4. The display boxes at the bottom of the panel show numeric values of the mean, the median, and the standard deviationn.
  5. Click on the "Numerical" tab to see a table of the numeric values of the data. You can change the data or enter your own data by clicking on a cell and entering/editing data in the fields above the table. If some data points appear more than once, enter their frequency in the right hand column to save typing them over.