Joan Lindsay Orr

EDU Branded Products

Brownstone Learning provided white-label versions of our Enterprise Diploma server (EDU) to four of the leading college textbook publishers:

In addition, a white-label fork of EDU becamme the basis for Maplesoft's MapleTA (now Möbius).

John Wiley & Sons: WebTests and eGrade

In 1998, John Wiley & Sons published the precusrsor to EDU, the Wiley WebTests in Calculus, which I developed at UNL, and the following years they published the next version, as the Wiley WebTests in Precalculus.

Wiley WebTests CDopen_in_new

These two articles, Online Gateway Exams in Calculus and Online Assessment with Wiley Web Tests, published in Wiley's Focus on Calculus newsletter, describe the products and the use we made of them for Gateway Exams at UNL.

The Wiley WebTests were distributed on a CD and the server for the tests could be run on a small departmental installation.

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In 2000, Wiley published a significant upgrade of the WebTests software, rebranded as eGrade, which I had developed at UNL. This had a wider range of question typoes and assessment modes, so that it could be used for homework management across multiple disciplines, whereas the WebTests products had focused on Gateway exams in calculus and precalculus.

This was one of the first, if not the first, true online homework management systems.

Prentice-Hall: Prentice-Hall Grade Assist

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Prentice-Hall Grade Assist (PHGA) launched in 2001, and was a white-label version of Brownstone Learning's EDU, which I developed from the earlier WebTests ad eGrade versions.

McGraw-Hill: Netgrade and McGraw Hill Homework Manager (MHHM)

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WH Freeman: iSolve

Available through the Freeman website, offering structured problems in physics.

Maplesoft: MapleTA

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