Joan Lindsay Orr

Joan Lindsay Orr

I am a senior software engineer at Google and before that I was a professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

A native of Edinburgh, Scotland, I have lived in England, Canada, Nebraska, and California, and now the Scottish Borders. When I'm not writing software, I like to hike, skate, and read and talk Greek.


My mathematical research is mostly in Operator Theory/Operator Algebras, with a focus on non-selfadjoint operator algebras such as nest algebras and triangular algebras. Click for abstracts of my mathematical publications. My Google Scholar profile.


I am passionate about web-based educational software and I have developed a number of web-based educational software products, including Google's Course Builder, Maplesoft's MapleTA, and one of the first on-line textbooks. Click for details of these and other projects.


I have taught over sixty university courses, ranging from freshman calculus to graduate research topics. See a full list of courses taught, together with related resources. Also, see my on-line Analysis course, Analysis WebNotes.


Click for slides from selected presentations.


Follow the links for my resume, my academic CV, my Google Scholar listing, and my papers on arXiv. Take a look at a word cloud of my software dev skills.


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